Friday, December 18, 2009

last catch up! or last ketchup!haha.

so, b4 cuti berakhir..sempat buat last catch up wif ma high school best friend.;))
actually we r closed but at da same time,,. we have our own group of friends too.
see.. we still can be bestfriend even tho mimie insider, ezy class sebelah and me d outsider.
i'm quite surprised when ada yg tanye "since when" korang rapat? hello.. if u sincere to be someone friends.there's no such thing as "the end" or "since when" blluurrgghh..

 mimie turun jb so aq kena jadi tour guide die untuk 2 hari.eheks. basically we do d normal things we, karaoke, bowling, muvies(santau.ahahaha;P) ronda2 jb, gossipping..ahha. rabu malam kitorang sleepover rumah ezy lak. it's been almost 1 and a half year since d last time we've met. so bannyyaakk cerita la.haha.seronok sangatt.walaupon kejap..;)) oh.oh..we've plan to go penang or melaka as mimie dkt ngn penang and ezy at poly melaka now kalau ad kesempatan. ouhh.  u guys will always be my bitches;))

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