Tuesday, December 15, 2009

and happy mirasue's day:D

and here goes mirasue birthday..

happy sweet 20 birthday babe!!
may you have a great year ahead!
semuga berjaya dalam debate bebeyh,.and your studies...
hope you will find your love one soon;)))
thanks for remy!!
thanks for all your advises..
thanks for being there during thick and thin..
thanks for everything!
ilysm too love!
miss yaa!!;))
ouh kawan sampai mati juga.eheks.


reb@rn said...

o. BirThday Mira.

echa said...


reb@rn said...

eh eh. Lupa lak nAk wish. O, so u are her coursemate.

MiraSue said...

Thanks a whole lot dear!Muah~

Sweet Thinker said...

hp nu yr awek awek semer!


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