Saturday, December 12, 2009

happy birthday cik e n matt:))

nampak persamaan mereka? pasal tu la mereka twin.hehehe.
well.. i'm not really good in making wishes. but hey..
i really glad to meet u guys.
maybe we still dont really know each other.
but what we've been through is precious for me.
its been a really good help, thank you, thank you.

for cik E,
hope you will always happy with your loverboy.
stay pretty and cool and healthy..eheh..
ouhh smuga dapat BB.,(adik samad):D
ilysm okayy.and thanks god for you.
thanks for everything love.
next sem kt wat video lagi kayy.hoho.

for matt,
hope you will always happy with depp;D
stay macho? err..just stay the same.
err..apakah pressie idaman?haha.
thanks for everything dow.
smuga berjaya di dunia dan akhirat.huhu.

well i dont know how to say how much i'm thankful for u guys. and sorry atas segala masalah yang aq wat.huhu.btw, stay happy and kawan sampai mati k! love n miss yaa;))


E said...

thanks love! :D

echa said...

my pleasure dear;))


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