Tuesday, August 11, 2009


and so...
i have them who never differ me with their others friends..
they still can have their upu or fac-mates with room or kolej-mates!
and so i don't care if they have a bad habit...
and plzz don't underestimated them!
coz even though our friendship is still new..
i'm so glad i have them..
and so..
you have all your friend back there...
and there will be someone you appreciated more than me..
it still be them who love me more than you do..
enough is enough..
don't even act like you care if you are not care about it at all.

*this is apart of someone else confession.i know how you feel.

1 comment:

Cik E said...

think deep, that person is in deep shite. yawww!


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