Sunday, February 28, 2010

oh february, this is for you.(quick update)

oh i hate it when its time to exam., i'm intend to do more stupid thing instead of studying. i just make a fringe by my own. its makes me look funny but cute tho.haha. oh, oh, i do a lot of thinking too. in such way that makes my problem worse~haha.

anyway,.i just spent about rm+++ yesterday,.do SOME shopping. i love shopping,.or wasting my money to be exact. this is my natural talent.ehehe. well february.. you got me broke!gahh..

hmm,.wanted to say somethng to someone rte now,. coz i know he read this..but i've got paper tomorrow and the next day. i know moving on is not easy to do so. but i really dont know how to fix this. could you tell me what to do?hmmm. well if time is all you need so use all the time you had and i'm really,really,really sorry for being such a bitch for you.

p/s: i still need you tho. dont just run away plz. :)


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