Sunday, February 8, 2009

o cold stars from the sky above
its an obsession that i make
as dark as the night
as cold as the frost
as far as the sea
as grieves for the sin

i played it all along well
before she came through the air
as a shadow puppets
disguise in a lush velvets
wing across the silver screen
throwing emotion
and all the trades that could be sold
as a dialogue
for that stupid play

shes too young to be told
too old to be fed
too beautiful to be seen
yet too naive to be love

in the cold monsoon night
where the trees are dead
the sky looks cold
the birds were already dead
the grass were already hollowed

it came to me
as a warning
and a swear
to the ancient lake of death and life
i would never do such thing
as it gives a fucking feeling
of shamed devastated life
in a fucking filthy lies

-oasis baby.

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