Saturday, March 28, 2009

something about friendship...

This is something that I’ve been thinking of lately... something related to friendship...Something that involve somebody’s heart... it’s not a new phenomena actually... I’ve saw this happen before and me myself also involve in this situation anyway.

Being friend with somebody is the best thing in the world I think. Especially if those who we be friend with become the one who really close to us. I guest many of us do a lot of thing to make them like us or be friend with us. This is the most serious damn stupid things that we shouldn’t do. I mean it is good to make people like us but it’s not acceptable if we became like their slave or lost our identity because of it. “Hypocrite” is the best word to describe it.

Some of my friend did this, and I know how painful it was when they’ve been rejected or being used for their so-called friend own goods. It’s hurt a lot. You will then realize how stupid you are to do those things. When you look back you can see people who like you or be friend with you just the way you are. You will regret of leaving them behind just to find a new excitement. You will then hoping that they still can accept you and be friend with you. So... some moral of the stories that I would like to share with you is;
  1. Just be yourself. Don’t ever be “someone else” that is not you to make people like you.
  2. Appreciate your true friend. No matter how bad they were... there is something that you would like about them.
  3. If you think they have ignored you, look back and think, are you did the same thing to them? If yes try to solve the problem and makes thing clear.
  4. Love yourself first before you love somebody else. This is really... I mean really important.

I guest there are so many tips that you can Google it yourself about friendship. This is just a simple reminder for me and I’m not trying to be a psychologist here.hee...Peace y’all.

"friendship is something precious. if you lose it, you will never earn it back"



jigsaw said...

ni ang copy kan?
in poker, theres no equality among the cards...but stil....

echa said...

ayat aq sdiri ah.
x nmpk grammar terabor..


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