Sunday, January 25, 2009

long time n0 cCcC~

heyya fella's..
its been a long time since my last entry..
lots of things happens around me.. time goes by SO FAST.. year..byk memoirs.. new grup of friends..
byk jalan..
byk spending time ngn si dia..
smp terabai blog ini..heheh..
well..i'm not quiting blogging..
just bz.. bz wif ma life..exploring things..learn something..;)
someone said i'm changed.. sombong..NOO!!
aku ttp aisyah aka echa yg korang knal dlu..
it juz..maybe.. i took a little bit diffrent way of life than before..
well i guest its not wrong to be that way..
so..pagi nanti kol 10.30 aku akan pulang ke tanah tumpah darahku..
xde plan papepon cuti nih..maybe juz bykkn tido n makan..
n spend time wif ma family..thats all..
before i forget..HEPY CHINESE NEW YEAR N HEPY HOLIDAE to all people who read this;)

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