Thursday, January 8, 2009

korang mmg suke tag!

okeh..ada tag from E;,alia n fatin. this one from E; n alia..
Terms & Condition:
1. Take a recent CUTE photo of urself.
2. Don't change anything, edit or whatever.
3. Post that picture
4. Post this instruction with this pic.
5. Tag people as many as you want to do this...

aq x cm cute je nh.hahahaha..innocent cm catherine!!

2nd. from faten ma new babes..
ten moment of truth...:
  1. i'm not preety..not even preety zinta.
  2. i'm short. xdela short sgt..2nd shortest in my family.fine.
  3. the only one who hv brightest skin among my siblings. smp ad igt aq ank angkat.siot.
  4. i love to make frens n love ma frens soooo muucchh!!
  5. menjadi talkative dlm 2 condition. terlalu gembira..or terlalu sedey but trying to hide it.
  6. sorg yg pemalu..sgtt x malu bile da selesa ngn persekitaran.haha.
  7. bila masuk air u wont believe what u see.ahax.
  8. berusaha menjadi yg terbaek! coz x ckop baek lg nh.
  9. sgt suke shoping! n tgk movee..
  10. n ow.. sdg menyayangi si dia...wahahaha*lovey dovey*

oh.. sy rse rmai yg dah enjoy mines;)


wAn aLiaA mUrsyidA said...

cam muke rita rudaini la...

echa said...

tp aq x dpt kawin ngn twins tuh..ceyt!:(


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